International Scientific Academy of Engineering & Technology

IJMMME - Topics

The following topucs are under the scope of the journal but the related topics to Mining, Metallurgy and Mechanical Engineering can also be considered:

Acoustics and Noise Control
Advanced Energy Sources
Advanced Heat Pipe Technologies
Advanced In-Space Propulsion & Power Concepts
Advanced Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
Advanced Thermal Control Technologies
Alternate fuels
Applied Mechanics
Automation, Mechatronics and Robotics
Automotive Engineering
Biological Materials
Biomedical Engineering
Composite and Smart Materials
Compressible Flows
Computational Mechanics
Computational Techniques
Dynamics and Vibration
Enabling Technologies for Lunar Surface Science
Energy Engineering and Management
Engineering Materials
Fluid Dynamics
Fluid Mechanics and Machinery
Fuels and Combustion
Health and Safety
Heat and Mass Transfer
High Capacity Heat Rejection Systems
High Frequency Gravity Wave Detection
High Frequency Gravity Wave Generators
Industrial and Systems Engineering
Industrial, Mechanical, Systems Science and Engineering
Innovative Techniques in Fusion Energy
Innovative Techniques in Nuclear Energy
Instrumentation and Control
Internal Combustion Engines
Logistics and Scheduling
Lunar In Space Resource Utilization
Lunar Lander Technologies and Design
Machinery and Machine Design
Magnetic Properties
Manufacturing and Production Processes
Manufacturing Engineering
Marine System Design
Material Science and Processing
Materials for Energy and Environmental Applications
Mechanical Behavior of Materials
Mechanical Design
Mechanical Power Engineering
Mechanical Properties and Nanomechanics
MEMS and Nano Technology
Microgravity Thermophysics
Nanomaterial Engineering
New and Renewable Energy
Noise and Vibration
Noise Control
Non-destructive Evaluation
Nonlinear Dynamics
Optical and Photonic Materials
PC guided design and manufacture
Plasticity Mechanics
Precision mechanics, mechatronics
Production Technology and related issues
Quality assurance and environment protection
Resistance and Propulsion
Robotic Automation and Control
Robotic drives
Robotic Kinematics
Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
Robotics structures
Self Assembly
Shape Deposition Manufacturing
Smart Materials
Solid Mechanics
Space faring societies
Structural Dynamics
System Dynamics and Simulation
Theories on High Frequency Gravity Waves
Theories, Models and Concepts
Thermal Control
Thermal Control for Lunar and Deep Missions
Transport Properties
Two Phase Thermal Control Systems
Unconventional Physical Principles and Gravitational Models