International Scientific Academy of Engineering & Technology

International Journal of Humanities and Management Sciences (IJHMS)

1. A Study on Imagination Learning Assessment of New Media Public Art 1

Shih-yun Lu, and YuLung Wu

2. The Effect of Listening to Podcasts on Incidental Vocabulary Acquisition 7

Khedidja Kaouter.Mechraoui, Amal. Mechraoui, and Shazmin, Rafeeq

3. Nineteenth Century Five Deeds Published For The First Time 12

Ashraf, Sayed Mohamed

4. The Effect of Organizational Culture on the Relationship between Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment 19

Dr. Adel Mohamed Ali Shurbagi

5. Governance and Social Business: The Mutual Benefit of Government’s Engagement in Social Business 26

Muhammad Mustafizur Rahaman, and Hisaki Kono

6. Adquisitorial: The Mixing of Two Legal Systems 31

Kafayat Motilewa Quadri, Prof. Dr. Hunud Abia Kadaouf, Prof. Dr. Mohammad Naqib Ishan Jan, Asst. Prof. Dr. Mohd. Iqbal AbdulWahab, and Asst. Prof. Dr. Haniff Ahamat

7. Social Computing: A Study Assessing Social Network Addiction Among Youths in Nigeria 37

Byaminu Dau

8. Determining the impact of eWOM on Brand image and Purchase Intention through Adoption of Online Opinion 41

Naimatullah Charo, Pershant Sharma, Saadullah Shaikh, and Abdul Hasesb

9. On The Theme of Isolation In Mansfields New Zealand Stories 47

Gao Hong