International Scientific Academy of Engineering & Technology

International Journal of Humanities and Management Sciences (IJHMS)

1. Correlation Analysis Between Body Height And Academic Performance Of The Students In Mumbai 51

Seema Ukidve

2. Effects of Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Chemical Reactions on Peristaltic flow of a Micropolar Fluid through a Porous Medium with Wall Effects in the 54

Goolla. Ravi Kiran and Ganjam. Radhakrishnamacharya

3. Closed-form linear stability conditions for Magnetoconvection in a sparsely packed porous medium 62

Ravi. Ragoju, and Benerji Babu. Avula

4. Mixed convection heat and mass transfer over a vertical plate in a power-law fluid with variable viscosity, Radiation and Soret effects 66

Pranitha Janapatla, and Venkata Suman Gontla

5. From Abu Dhabi to Singapore: The Rise of International Commercial Courts 78

Damien P. Horigan

6. Fundamental Issues of early Oil Concession Contracts in Iraq until 1950 81

Dildar F. Zebari

7. A Study of Literature Review for the Dark Side of the Sports 84

Wen-Bin, Lin, and Cheng-Tien Chuang

8. Leadership Competency Model for Islamic School Leaders 86

Dr. Khanittha Saleemad

9. Factors of a School Organization Impacting on Teacher Collegial Interaction: Evidence from Lower Secondary Schools in England, Finland, South Korea, a 89

Joo-Ho Park, Hyungshim Jang, Jeon-Yi Lee, In-Bal Song, and JiYeon Lee

10. A Postcolonial Treatment of Terrorism under the Geneva Conventions 98

Yin Cheung. Lam, Navin. Kumar

11. National Legislation on War Crimes in Indonesia 102

Yustina Trihoni Nalesti DEWI

12. Graphic Network to diagnose results of Clean and Jerk lifting a function some of Dynamic variables, relative Strength and BMI for female Olympic weigh 107

Khaled Ebada, Ibrahim Abdel Hady, and Mohammed El-Rouby

13. Comparative study fencing during the Middle Ages from the tenth century Until the seventeenth century in the European continent and the results fenci 118

Gamal Zaher Ibrahim Abdellatif

14. Digit Ratio, Testosterone/Cortisol Levels and Hand Grip Power Of Handedness among Elite Iranian Basketball Players 122

Mahdi Khanbabazadeh, Amir Rashidlamir, Abdollah Serajian, and Toktam Khanbabazadeh

15. Students ‘Learning and Participation in a Case – Based Science Instruction 125

Joy D. Talens

16. States That Did Not Pass the Preliminary Examinations of the OTP 134

Kafayat Motilewa Quadri, and Hunud Abia Kadouf

17. Morphological and dynamical Rates as a function to predict results of snatch lift for women s Olympic weightlifting 113

Khaled Ebada, Ibrahim Abdel Hady, and Mohammed El-Rouby

18. The Relationship between the Egyptian English Teachers Practices and the University Students Motivation 73

Norhane Ali