International Scientific Academy of Engineering & Technology

International Journal of Humanities and Management Sciences (IJHMS)

1. Psycho-social Influences on Physical Spatial Transformation in Bintaro Jaya Housing, Tangerang Selatan in Two Decades 274

Ratna Safitri, and Rahma Purisari

2. Evaluating Teacher Performance on Teaching, Research and Community Service for Quality Improvement of Vocational Educatio 280

Selfy Manueke, Debby Willar, and Revleen Kaparang

3. Designing Credit Analysis Model of Bank Customers Using Adaptive Neural Fuzzy Reasoning System 285

Seyyed Javad Iranban

4. Cluster Analysis based Segmentation of Shoe Last for Korean Footwear Industry 290

Nayeon Kim, Kyuyeon Kim, and Minsoo Kim

5. Relationship between Motivation, Empowerment and level of Satisfaction 294

Ebadollah Ahmadi

6. Study on the Successful Mechanism of New Foreign Brands entering the Emerging Markets 296

Dr. Zhongli Wu, Guangzhou, Professor Xiao Lu,, Shanghai, Dr. James Chiang, Dr. Michel Plaisent, and Dr. Prosper Bernard

7. Overview to Cyber-Crimes 299

Anchal Mittal, and Yugansh Mittal

8. How to Recognize Entrepreneurial Opportunities: A Grounded Theory-Based Model 306

Tahereh, Ramezani Farzaneh, Kamal.Dorrani, and Fatemeh.Ramezani Farzaneh

9. A Study on the Issues of Policy Advisers to Developing Countries, How to Make A Good Use of Policy Advisers (Bangladesh Perspective) 314

Shelim Sheik, WANG Guohua, and Kamrun Nahar

10. The Effects of Brand Loyalty on the Consumer Buying Behaviors: The Example of Perfume in the Province Of Ankara 318

Ceyda Kocoglu, Dilaver Tengilimoglu, Aykut Ekiyor, and Alper Guzel

11. The Effect of Organizational Culture on Organizational Commitment (case of the Employees at Bank Nagari Branch Padang) 324

Muthia Roza Linda, and Sutiyem

12. Financial Market 328

Teuta Ismaili-Muharremi

13. Food Traceability and Information System for Local Standard of the High Safety Agri-food No.8 in Chachoengsao Province 332

Chatchai Tritham, Nitchichaya Naratapanon, Kreangsak Tamee and Ajchara Vararuk

14. What is The Most Effective Management For A Salesforce of The Y Generation? 338

Didier Roche, and Mathias Kebers

15. Labor Market and Economic Subjects in Selected Border Regions 342

Karin Gajdová

16. The Impact of Producer Support Policies on Wheat Productivity in Iran 347

Bahaeddin Najafi, and Mohammad Reza Rezaei

17. In Neuromarketing, The Place of Semiotic Object Use In Application And Semiotic Engagement 349

Aziz Öztürk, and Ömer Faruk Güven

18. A Review of The Role And Importance of English Language In Today s World 354

Patience.O. Edoimioya

19. Evaluation of Skill Development Programmes: A Project Management Perspective 358

Abhishek Venkatesh, MB Kiran, and Aditya Singh

20. Maria Edgeworth : A Pioneer of Realist Juvenile Short Fiction 365

Dr. Suchitra Misra

21. Legal Provisions for Women Empowerment in India 367

Dr. Saba Yunus, and Dr. Seema Varma