International Scientific Academy of Engineering & Technology

International Journal of Chemical, Environmental and Biological Sciences (IJCEBS)

1. Sudan Forest Products 355

MOHAMMED Elawad Dafa Ella Ahmed and GHADA Ahmed Musa Yasseen

2. Sudan Gum Arabic Export Performance During (2000-2014) 360

GHADA A. M. Yasseen, ADIL Yousif Eljack and MOHAMMED, and Elawad Dafa Ella Ahmed

3. Physicochemical Characteristics and Microelement Content of Sheep’s Milk from Different Regions of Kazakhstan 363

Azret U. Shingisov, Bauyrzhan S. Myrkalykov, Ravshanbek S. Alibekov, and Saule A. Musaeva

4. Biological Control of Aphids (Hemiptera: Aphididae) in Potato Farms 366

Reza Jafari

5. Study of Endophytic Bacteria as Novel Source of Antioxidant agent Baseda GC-MS Analysis 368

Maria Bintang, Ukhradiya Magharaniq Safira Purwanto, Dwi Endah Kusumawati, and John Jackson Yang

6. Aquaponics: New Integrated Approaches for Sustainable Aquaculture and Agriculture 370

M. Aminur Rahman, and M. Ruhul Amin

7. Building Design Failure. Why did it Fail? How it Could have been Avoided? 372

Roslan. Talib, Aghafar. Ahmad, and Mzailan. Sulieman

8. Isolated Natural T-Regulatory (nTreg) cells from BALB/c Mice circumvent TCR and Co-stimulatory Signaling Activation to Suppress T-effector cells in vi 379

Nor Effa, S Z, Yaacob, N S, and Norazmi, M N

9. Synthesis and Characterization of Nano Hydroxyapatite with Polymer Matrix Nano Composite for Biomedical Applications 383

P.Sakthivel, and A.Ragu

10. Territorializing the Issue of Climate Change: Creating a climate Space 386

Ritika Dabas

11. Sustainable Transport as a Function of Sustainable City Development 390

Veljko Radicevic, and Nikola Krstanoski

12. Coccinellidae Beetles in Pest and Disease Management 394

Vijaya Kumari Nelaballe, and Beula Priyadarshini Meruva

13. Production of Myrosinase Enzyme Byactinomycetes Isolated from Cotton Soil 397

Ravuri Jaya Madhuri, and Anuradha

14. Behavior and Stress Analysis around Openings for Reinforced Concrete Columns 404

Dr. Nabeel Hasan Ali . Al-Salim

15. Survey on the Relationship between Beach Environment and Human Mental Health 408

Chenchen PENG, Kazuo YAMASHITA, and Eiichi KOBAYASHI

16. Socio-Economic Factors Affecting Measles Immunization Coverage in Shendi and Almatam Localities- Sudan 411

Dr. Dawria ADAM (PhD), Dr. Ali MOHIELDIN (PhD), Dr. Abdullah A. Bilal (PhD), Ahmed M.Hussein(MPH), and M.Moalim Hirsi(MPH)

17. Alternate Technologies for Desalination: Pre-treatment, Environmental Impact and Green Options 415

Bharat B. Gulyani, B.G. Prakash Kumar, and Arshia Fathima

18. Correlation of Refractive Index and Density of Crude Oil and Liquid Hydrocarbon 420

A K George, and R N Singh

19. Large Column Test for Phenol Removal from Petroleum Refinery Wastewater 423

Mohammad, Y.S., Muhammad, M. and Mohammed, A.T.