International Scientific Academy of Engineering & Technology

International Journal of Humanities and Management Sciences (IJHMS)

1. Challenges For Teaching English As A Second Language And Their Remedies 371

Sayeh S. Abdullah

2. iolation of FERPA Regulation: Power, Politics, and Organizational Culture 374

Hwee Joo Kam, and Pairin Katerattanakul

3. Embedded Governance: A Multilevel Analysis of European Union Climate Public Goods Delivery 381

Cao Dejun, and Dong Xinyuan

4. Culture is a Good Idea - A Study on the Creative City Development Methods and Construction Features of Kanazawa 386

Hao-Long Hsu, Yu-Li Chang , and Hsiu-Hui Lin

5. A Study on Development of Convergence Business Item Development Model 393

Youngsoo Park, Sunhee Cho, Kyoungyong Park, Insoo Lee, and Woonghee Shon

6. A study on the Utilization of Convergence Business Item Development Model: A case study of the Interactive whiteboard 397

Da Hoon Lee, Jea Min Yoo, Heeyoung Jang, Minsun Kim, and Eun Young Park

7. The Economic Value of Standardization in case of LED and OLED Industry 401

Bum-Hoan, KIM

8. Some Women Made the World African American woman, Creator of an African American Cultural Tradition 404

Hamda Boussoualim. Malika, and Déramchia. Yamina

9. An Adaptation of Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil Standard for Palm Oil Smallholders in Chumphon Province, Thailand 409

Athirat Intajorn

10. Orthopedics School in Iranian traditional medicine (Case study of folk orthopedics in Arak area geographic) 412

Maryam Yarmohammad Touski

11. Globalization and its Impact on Higher Education in India 414

Dr. Pramod Kumar Naik

12. The Effects of Focus Attention Instructions on Strength Training Performances 418

Ali Md Nadzalan, Jeffrey Low Fook Lee, and Nur Ikhwan Mohamad

13. Examining the Role of Emotion as a Dimension of Affective Agenda Setting 424

Assist. Prof. Dr. Mian M. Asim

14. From beings to being: Merging essentialist-postmodern feminist in Doris Lessing the Memoires of a Survivor 431

Shaereh Shaerpoor, and Prof. Dr. Ruzy Suliza Hashim

15. Orality and the Re-enactment of Memory: History, Ritual, and African-Caribbean Resistance in the Chosen Place, the Timeless People 435

Ashma Shamail

16. Women in Love: a Text Bridging the Gap between Past and Present 439

Cyrine Kortas