International Scientific Academy of Engineering & Technology

International Journal of Humanities and Management Sciences (IJHMS)

1. Influence of Teaching Task Environment on Teachers Professional Commitment 319

Lowell G. Lucero, Ed. D., Anthony M. Penaso, and Adelfa C. Silor, Ed. D.

2. Importance of Comprehension Skills in ASEAN Economy Community(AEC): A Phenomenological Study 325

Giselle O. Dangdang

3. Managerial Skills of Supervisors in Dealing with Human Needs 327

Ma. Faye M. Fajardo

4. Academic Performance Influenced to Select Variables 330

Dayanara Lee Maghamil, Almira Nona Magtortor, and Dr. Lowell Lucero

5. The Tripartite Evolutionary Game Analysis of Collusive Behavior Regulation in EPR System 332

Li Ma, and Yunhui Wang

6. A Multi-Dimensional Approach to CSR With Special Reference to Business Ethics 337

Jinendra Parakh, and Akshita Shukla

7. Privacy Analysis of a Networked Collaborative Recommendation System 340

Ville Ollikainen and Valtteri Niemi

8. Durability Assessment of the Bauhaus School in the History of Art and Design Based on its Characteristics 345

Maryam Habibi, and Vahid Choopankareh

9. Aux origines de la modernite : la mobilite a travers leecriture de la ville a la fin du XVIIIe siecle 350

Raghda A.F. Saad

10. Knowledge, Attitude and Behaviors towards Violence against Women: A Study Carried out in Semarang and Surabaya, Indonesia 354

Clara R.P. Ajisuksmo, and Herry Pramono

11. SWOT Analysis of Local Tourism Entrepreneur for Strategic Planning: A Case Study of B.M. Travel Buddy Company, Thailand 361

Asst. Prof. Dr. Thirachaya Maneenetr

12. Corporate Social Responsibility- Global and Indian Perspectives: A Critical Study 367

Dr. Dinabandhu Mukhopadhyay

13. Internet of Things: Legal and Regulatory Challenges 375

Mani K. Madala

14. Digital Governance 371

Hemant Garg

15. Creating a Child Friendly Environment as a Curriculum Model for Early Years Teaching 379

Undiyaundeye, Florence Atube. Ph.D and Ogar Innocent .A

16. Psychosocial Issues and Social Adjustment In Life After Retirement 383

Dr. Florence A. Undiyaundeye

17. Homeland from the View of Kurdish Contemporary Poet, Moheb Mahabadi 386

Bayez Enayati, Shaho Mohammad Shamami and Mehran Jafayee

18. Project Selection Based on Project Scheduling with Renewable Resource, Nonrenewable Resource and Budget Constraints 389

Mohammadreza Emami, Siamak Haji Yakhchali, Ali Namazian, and Shabnam Kazemi Nimgaz

19. A Hybrid Method for Selecting Projects by Considering Sustainability Factors 392

Zahra Jalilibal, Ali Bozorgi -Amiri, and Siamak Haji Yakhchali

20. MCDM Techniques and Knapsack Approach For Project Selection Problem: A Case Study 397

Azam Keshavarz Haddadha, Siamak Haji Yakhchali, and Zahra Jalili bal

21. Adoption of M-Learning among College Students: A Literature Review 401

Jayendra Bharati V, and Dr.R. Srikanth

22. Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Emerging Market - the Case of Peruvian Small Business 406
Ana Lourdes Cornejo, Milagro Belén Cornejo and Cristi Ros de Boutet

23. A Brief Study on Residential Construction Projects from View of Delay Causes Ranking 415

Siamak Hajiyakhchali, Amin Alvanchi and Nima Farmani

24. Les Determinants De L intention D utiliser Les Medias Sociaux Comme Source D informations Chez Les Consommateurs Jeunes 420

Karima YACINE et Abderrezzak BENHABIB

25. Project Knowledge Management: A Survey 426

Fariba Shoeleh, Siamak Haji Yakhchali, Mahmoud Golabchi, and Nima Yazdani

26. Factors that Influence Consumers Intention in Choosing Healthy Food Restaurant and the Relationship to their Food Related Lifestyle in Indonesia 431

Aegea, Kirin Leiman, and Liu, Ming

27. Development of Thai Language Teachers for Improving Students Reading Comprehension in Multicultural Society of The Three Southern Border Provinc 436

Noppakao Naphatthalung