International Scientific Academy of Engineering & Technology

International Journal of Humanities and Management Sciences (IJHMS)

1. Analysis of Effects of Environmental Dynamism, Entrepreneurial Orientation, and Dynamic Capability on the Performance of SMEs 1

Melyona Zenia Rabbil, and Dr. Yasmine Nasution

2. The Effects of Perceived Service Quality towards Customer Satisfaction and Behavioral Intentions in Online Transportation 7

Ilma Khairani and Sri Rahayu Hijrah Hati, PhD

3. Socio-Cultural Characteristics, Entrepreneurial Orientation, Decision Making Style, and Entrepreneurial Intention 12

Zulfikar Aspa, And Siti Adiprigandari Adiwoso Suprapto Ph.D

4. Krawtchouk Binomial Distributions 19

Hyung-Tae Ha

5. Effect of Pyramid Schemes to the Economy of the Country - Case of Tanzania 21

Dr. Theobald Francis Kipilimba

6. On a Political Iconography of Information Societies 26

Prof. Dr. h.c. Oliver Grau, MAE

7. A Historiography of Music That Has Not Started Yet: The History of Contemporary Spanish Music in the Late Twentieth Century 31

Carmen Noheda

8. Analysis Comparative of Probability between Conventional Banks and Islamic Banks in Indonesia 36

Anita Munir, and Rahmi Zuha Emdi

9. Nexus Between Crude Oil Price, Exchange Rate and Stock Market: Evidence from Oil Exporting and Importing Economies 41

Muhammad Ashiq AM, and Dr. G Shanmugasundaram

10. Literature as a Marplot: Seeing the Discursive Formations of Modernity in Turkey through the Time Regulation Institute 44

Zuhal Eroğlu Koşan

11. Inquiring Relational Approach: Beyond the Limits of Substantialism 47

Assist. Prof. Dr. Demet Dincer

12. EFL Students’ Use of Writing Strategies via Think Aloud Protocol 51

Sureerat Talapngoen and Poranee Deerajviset

13. Numerical Construct States in Modern Hebrew, Arabic and colloquial Arabic of the Triangle area in Israel 55

Amani Jaber-Awida

14. Methodology Selection in Strategic Management: A Review and an Agenda 58

Rifat Kamasak

15. The Management Practices of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in the Economic Crisis Context: A literature Review and Empirical Study 63

SMAALI Siham and ELABBADI Bouchra

16. Workplace Creativity of Generation Xer versus Millennial Hotel Employees: The Effects of Mobbing and Sexual Harassment Perceptions 74

Kivanc Inelmen, Selin Bulut, Alptug Ertinaz, Murat Karaca and Bercem Kücüker

17. An Investigation of Potential MICE Sector Employees’ Work Values 79

Kivanc Inelmen and Özen Kirant-Yozcu

18. Impact of IT Tools, Teachers, Students and Curriculum on the Performance of ESL Students: A Case Study of Girls’ Primary 82

Aminah Almutairi

19. Are You Ready for the Digital Afterlife? 89

Emma Elliott, Yva Khalil, Julius Ng, Mounir Ait Oufariad, Prosper Bernard & Michel Plaisent

20. The Distinction between the Historical and the Systematic Approaches to Philosophy 96

A. Kadir Çüçen

21. Learning Styles and Variables in Predicting Attitude towards Learning 99

M. Yuksel Erdogdu

22. Investigation of Students Engagement with Social Media for Mobile Learning practice 105

Behdja Boumarafi

23. Laiharaoba in Meitei culture: The Rejoicing of the Gods 110

Thounaojam Ratankumar Singh

24. Towards Understanding Contours of Culture 113

T. Sai Chandra Mouli

25. Issues of Integrating Shelters for Migrants in the EU 117

Volodymyr Babyak

26. Lessons In Governmentality From Todd Hayne’s Safe 122

PhD, Suzanne Bouclin

27. The Intelligent Enterprise: The Case of the Lebanese Tour-operators 125

Dr. Nadine Sinno

28. Projection Et Prolongement Du Portrait Dans Le Pictural Et Le Scriptural 130

Imen Mansouri, Nada Abderrazak

29. Identity Construction in Pepee--Cartoon Series: A Critical Analysis Based on Visual Culture Approach 135

Rasim Basak

30. Guizhou province Buyi Nationality province Liquidambar dyeing process of Huishui County and the Pattern layout analysis 140

Xiaoguo QI, Yi Liu, and Yi Dong

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