International Scientific Academy of Engineering & Technology

International Journal of Humanities and Management Sciences (IJHMS)

1. The Poetics of Exile: Travelling to the Land of Intellectual Adventures 1

Shahram. Afrougheh, Hossein. Safari and Kyoumars. Azizi

2. Information Systems Applications in The Reporting and Accountability of BMT ZIS Funds in Jakarta 4

Drs. Dedi Purwana, Es.,M.Bus, Rida Prihatni, Se.Akt, Msi, M.Yasser Arafat, Se.Akt, Mm, Dra.Sri Zulaihati, Msi, Diena Noviarini, Mmsi And Drs. M.Chabib

3. Implementation of Modified SIRK Method on Solving Stiff Ordinary Differential Equations 8

Sabarina. Shafie

4. A Statistical Experimental Study on Shrinkage of Injection-Molded Part 13

S.Rajalingam, Awang Bono and Jumat bin Sulaiman

5. On the Sensitivity of Poisson EWMA Control Chart 18

Mu’azu Ramat Abujiya, Abbas Umar Farouk, Muhammad Hisyam Lee and Ismail Mohamad

6. Forced Convection Boundary Layer Flow along a Horizontal Cylinder in Porous Medium Filled by Nanofluid 23

Azizah. Mohd Rohni, Syakila. Ahmad, and Ioan. Pop

7. New Lower Bounds for Flow Shop Scheduling 28

A. Gharbi and A. Mahjoubi

8. Global Identity as the Key Ingredient in English as a Foreign Language System 33

Marjo Mitsutomi

9. Philosophy for Adolescents : Teaching Philosophy in Malaysian High Schools 36

Syed Alwi Shahab

10. POS Identification by L2 English Learners: A Study on Brain Activation 39

Shin’ichiro. Ishikawa

11. Sovereignty of the nation is necessary for Thailand to develop her own version of Democracy 48

Anawat Bunnag

12. A Psychoanalytic Attitude to The Great Gatsby 51

Mojtaba Gholipour and Mina Sanahmadi

13. A Postcolonial Perspective on the Short Stories of Jhumpa Lahiri 54

Mojtaba. Gholipour and Mina. Sanahmadi

14. Gender Differences in Request - A Statistical Analysis of American English in NICT JLE Corpus 57

Yuka Ishikawa

15. Iranian garden, the manifestation of sustainable green space 63

Elham. Khademi, Faranak. Kabiri and Tareef Hayat Khan

16. An Enhanced Method Of Segmenting The Retail Market Based On Store Images Using Artificial Neural Networks 69

Dr.Chandrasekar.K., Meena.M. and Sezhiyan.D.M.

17. Bankruptcy : A Natural Phenomena Being Attacked On Malaysians' 74

Kaviyarasu Elangkovan and Dr. Ahmed Razman Bin Abdul Latiff

18. Leveraging Dimensions of CSR to Enhance Competitiveness of Small and Medium Enterprises 77

Dr.Puja Singhal

19. Corporate Social Responsibility in Small and Medium Sized Accountancy Firms 82

Dr. Sujana Adapa and Dr. Jennifer Rindfleish

20. Sukuk Ijarah vs Sukuk Musyarakah: Investigating Post-Crisis Stock Market Reactions 87

Nursilah Ahmad and Syazwani Abd Rahim

21. Career Planning And Expectations Of Health Care Management Students 92

Assistant Prof. Dr. Belma Keklik

22. Audit Quality Attributes and Audit Client Satisfaction 96

Rita Yuniarti and Willy Mara Zumara

23. The Impact of Internet Banking Service on Customer Satisfaction in Thailand: A Case Study in Bangkok 101

Rangsan Nochai and Titida Nochai

24. Social Costs, Transparency, and Accountability through Corporate Social Reporting 106

Jerry Platt

25. A Perspective on Globalization and Economic Justice 110

A Perspective on Globalization and Economic Justice

26. The Implementation of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) System in the Poultry Industry: A case study of the hatchery in Saha Farms Co., Ltd, Thailand 113

Chirawan Somwang, Ph.D, Asst. Prof. Pradit Charoenchaichana, and Monruedee Polmade

27. Corporate Governance and Share Buybacks in Australia 116

Subba Reddy Yarram

28. A Dynamic General Equilibrium Model For Malaysia: Macroeconomic Effects Of A Reduction In Motor Vehicle Tariff 121


29. Political Attitudes and Voting Behaviour 126

Wan Asna. Wan Mohd Nor and Zainon. Harun

30. The court's supportive role in Arbitration under the law of United Arab Emirates 129

Aymen Masadeh

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