International Scientific Academy of Engineering & Technology

International Journal of Humanities and Management Sciences (IJHMS)

1. Preparation of Regional Input - Output Table for Fars Province in 2011 (GRIT1Method) 272

Maryam Akbarzadeh, Firoozeh. Esmaeilzadeh, Alireza. Poostvar, and Mojtaba. Manuchehri

2. Human Resource Practices in India-What needs to be done? 277

Dr. K. Arul, and K. Jayaraman

3. Patents: Territoriality versus Harmonization 281

Zahra. Honarmand Shahzileh, and Ali. Mashhadi Aghajan

4. Packaging Factors Determining Consumer Buying Decision 285

Md. Abdullah, Abul Kalam, and S.M. Akterujjaman

5. Analysis of Tourism Climate Index of Chaloos City 290

Mehrdad. Ramazanipour, and Elaheh. Behzadmoghaddam

6. Forced Marriage and International Human Rights 293
Dildar F. Zebari